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Poems by Patrick Frank


Quiet Change

We throw the I Ching
And come up with “Traveling”
All day I feel tense
Now at dusk, as darkness falls
I let go, welcome the new

There is a clatter
In the kitchen of fishes
Music and talking
In the bedroom. Now the sound
Of the cicada, healing


Walking Up From the Worthington Street Shelter

I am walking up the hill from the shelter at 7 AM
Headed to the donut shop where the locals hang out
I dont remember what happened to my car
I used to drive there
I have my gym bag, with stuff to read and write
The folks ignore me and talk about their own thing
I write in my journal
Searching within for a vision of hope
Some semblance of a plan

I will walk to the bus station locker soon
To check on my things


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