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Ivan Akhmetyev

Translated from the Russian by Alex Cigale

if we were fish
we would swim

if we were birds
we would fly

but we are people
we sleep in


not at all
a particularly
important person
my intent is to remain
so for the foreseeable future


Ivan Akhmetyev, born in 1950, is the author of five books of poetry. The work here is from Poems and Only Poems: Selected Poems, 1968-1992 (Vesy: Moscow, 1993). More recent poems have appeared in some of the foremost Russian poetry journals, including in Arion, Druzhba Narodov, NLO, and Novii Mir. His extensive contributions as a conservator and presenter include co-editing the poetry section of Samizdat Veka (Century of Samizdat) and the posthumous publications of Jan Satunovsky and Mikhail Sokovnin, among others. See his pages at Russkaya Virtualnaya Biblioteka and for Russian originals, essays, and Samizdat anthology.

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