Recapping Chapter One

“When you said that the twin Vanessa devours the firebird at the
end of the show, what did you mean by that?”

Alain Robbe-Grillet

Writers: Thomas Wooten, Richard Arnold, Soren Gauger, M Sarki,
Peter Markus, Seth McMillan, Sascha Akhtar

It began as a meal. And became a feast, a
festival--they hardly knew how.”

R.M. Rilke

Writers: Duane Lock, Brian Ames, Steve Mueske, Wain Ewing, Gryffyd
Dempsey, David Ayers, Helder Granja, Donald Ryburn, Jim McCurry, Pete Balestrieri

“If there is a river and it is known that it is filled with water and that the
water is flowing faster when there is more water it is very easy to see that more water flows into the river and that the water in the river is running
along faster very much faster as there is very much more water in the river.”

Gertrude Stein

Writers: Marc Kipniss, Martin Hendrickson, Ian Hooper, Pasha Malla


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