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Recapping Chapter Two

“The care with which the rain is wrong and
the green is wrong and the white is wrong, the care with which
there is a chair and plenty of breathing. The care with which
there is incredible justice and likeness, all this makes a
magnificent asparagus, and also a fountain.”

Gertrude Stein

Writers: Thomas Wooten, Jimmy Chen, Helder Granja,
Sascha Akhtar, Rebecca Loudon, Edward Phillip Burger,
Lina Vitkauskas, M. Allen Cunningham

“Things are the way they are,
and they they are that way no longer.”

from Cancionerilla del Duendo

Writers: Iain Britton, Lucy Ward, Nick Bruno, Benjamin Buchholz,
Didi Menendez, A.J. Bruey, Ray Gonzalez, MTC Cronin


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