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#11 (Volume 5, Issue 2, 2003)

Featured Writer: John Burgess


8 untitled poems

Zett Aguado

Hold Your Breath

Jim Amos

A Warning

T. E. Ballard



Ace Boggess


Old Woman Wrong Way on a One-Way Road

Daniel Borzutzky

An Almost Saucy Pantomomime

A Cure For Impotence

Jason Lee Brown

Waiting for the Belt

Comforting Breath

Saturday Morning Cartoons

A. J. Bruey

The Man Who Watched the Church Parking Lot

Benjamin Buchholz

Songs in the Key of Ibo

Luke Buckham

An Eclipse of My Old Legs

Jack Cannon

Buildings I've Built

C. A. Conrad

selections from the FRANK pieces

Joshua Edwards

Philosophy Column

Uncivilized Neon Landscape

Shelley Ettinger

Sitting on Top of the World

Paul Felsch III

Quiddity's Whereabouts


Rich Furman

In Hand

Laura Gomez

A Boy In Venice

J.P. Dancing Bear

Prospero on Ariel's Return

Sandra Katuri

Carnaval Perpetuel

Michael Ladanyi

The Corpse of These Things

Michael Mastrofrancesco

Paragraph 175

'99 Winter Solstice

Rochelle Hope Mehr


Michael Meyerhofer

Choose the First or Last Line and Begin

Steve Mueske

The Poet Writes About Finding a Lottery Ticket

in a Junk Drawer

Bryson Newhart


Michael Northrop

Thin Dogs at Night

Allan Peterson

Stars Before Our Eyes

Nothing in This Hand

Anthony Robinson

Lover's Prayer

Geneva Convention

Lyrics for a Slow April

Dave Ruslander


Tracy Scarpino


Tobias Seamon

Charon Considers the Loosestrife


Andrew Shelley


Brandon Shimoda

Notes From the Lake, #'s 1, 4, 16

Alex Stolis

Arts & Entertainment

Daniel Sumrall

untitled poem

Larry Sawyer


J. Marcus Weekley

Painting the Bridges at Normandy

Lori Williams

The visitor

William Woolfitt

The Aeronaut, Centrifuge

Bill Wunder