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Issue #15-16, 2004, Fifth Anniversary Issue

Alexander, Elizabeth

Self Portrait With Heart, etc.

Asuini, Alessandro


Beebee, Jennifer


Bergmann, F. J.


Biles, Jeremy

Borges and I

Bleakley, Kathleen

Even Islands Can Be Prisons

Bledsoe, C. L.

Towel Combing

Boggess, Ace

Do You Have a Favorite Color?

Broadwater, Jason

Chamber of Twigs

Brown, Nadia

Broken Pot

Catlin, Alan

Around the Edges of These Softly Rotting Houses

Chambers, Christopher

Self Portrait with Absinthe

Self Portrait in Blues

Chen, Jimmy

In The Long Run

Out of Bounds

Collins, Myfanwy

Wooden Bowl

Conder, Kevin

Barrow, Alaska

Near the Airport

Cooney, Michael

My Sister Elizabeth Who Never Existed

Examining Mesopotamian Artifacts

Copeland, K.R.

Random Walk

Cordelli, Phil

Winter, Green


Cotter, John and Shafer Hall

Marching Orders


Continuing Education

Cox, G. W.

The Perducci Sisters

Craig, R. Paul

The Contemplative

Cronin, MTC

Calla Lilly

Stone Flower

Before the Shout.

Salons are Desperate Places

The Death Bush

The Law of Self-Combustion

Facial Heart...

Deal, Tara

Entre Chien et Loup

Djeric, Srdjan

Saying Good-bye

Eastley, Alison

After O

Eldon, AnnMarie

Magic, As If

Six Ways of Being Odourless

Emorine, Denis

Five Untitled Poems

Esposito, Duane



Estabrook, Michael

Gift Palmer Gott

Flanagan, Michael A

Summer Evening

Fraley, Jason


Gallik, Daniel

The Associative Property

Garni, Ricky

Painters Aren't the Only People Who Paint Hats


Gonzalez, Ray

The Deep Heart of a Jewel

Of Rooms We Enter

Grinnell, Claudia K

The Necessary Discipline

Grinwis, James


A Moment Before Agincourt

Guadiana, Daniel Flores


Hall, Shafer and John Cotter

Marching Orders


Continuing Education

Hamm, Christine

Instructions for the Modern Woman

Hart, Libby


Holstad, Scott C.


Hyser, Siobahn

Mother and Child Figures

Javanbakht, Taraneh

The Charm of Spring

Jones, Eli

Bury Me With the Collated History of Poetry

Joyce, M.H.

The Epic of Nobody

Jurechka, Gary

The Last Shards of a Forlorn Hope

Jurechka, Gary and John Sweet

Ourselves Crucified

Keane, Tim

Blue in Green

Kim, Edward


King, Amy

On Becoming Lake Placid

The Eventual Stages of Life

Kofman, Lee

Lovers in Melbourne

Kotzin, Miriam N.

Office Hours


Leong, Michael

Disco Dante

Levine, Stacey


LeWinter, Oswald


The Art of Silence

Recollections in Turmoil

Lifshin, Lyn

Sleeping With Lorca

Locke, Duane

Poems Written at Lake Morton, No. 7

Lohmann, Jeanne

One Stone

Loudon, Rebecca

Burning Season

Madden, Philip

Pink Birds

Marcacci, Bob

Sonnet for Stardom


McCurry, Jim



McMann, Lisa

Then He.

Meyerhofer, Michael

Poem Written After Remembering That All Matters

Miko, Chelle

What the Pot Melted

Miller, Kei 20

This Poem Was Written With Salt

Mulcahy, Greg

The Gallery

Myhana, Jalina

The Wishing Bones

Nevsimal, Charles

She Sleeps With Framed Pictures

Orlov, Vladimir

Caged Garden of Life

Osmubal, Papa

Easter 1998, Macau

Parker, Nathan

I've Grown Tired

Perry, Grant

Tea and Sympathy

Pietrangeli, Enrico

The Madman (Il Pazzo)

Pobo, Ken

Weather Map

Poe, Deborah

The Burning Question

Ranon, Christina



Rasnake, Sam

Answered in the Vortex

September Sonnet

A Brief Definition of Miracles

Shisa Poet

Slotted In

Stokes, T. L.

Standing Under the Blue Bridge

Sweet, John and Gary Jurechka

Ourselves Crucified

Takeshita, Toshiro

This Emptiness

Thornbrugh, David

Making Lips

Visconti, Jason

The Uncivilized Moon

The Philosopher

Vitkauskas, Lina ramona

Cut Across

Ionic Collapse

Waldron, Timmy


Weston, Joanna M.

Soft Fruit

Nowhere To Go

Weyrauch, Karl

Goldfish and God

Williams, Christina M.

The Parable of the Broken Vacuum Cleaner

Williamson III, Ernest

Blessed Be the Black and White Keys

The Beauty of Confusion

Wooten, Thomas

Days I Remember

Zaran, Lisa

70 Degrees

Zurlo, Tony

Shadow on Beihai Lake